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Etched laser engraving reflects light, an intriguing dimensional effect that’s sure to be noticed. There is a laser set-up charge of $30 per order, which includes your logo or mascot, if desired. A personalization charge of $4.25 applies for each additional item.

Call 1.800.852.8892 to place your order for acrylics or for assistance.
Blue Star
Blue Star
94037D 5”x5.75” $41.75
94037E 6”x6.75” $62.05
94037F 7”x7.75” $79.25
Diamond Jewel Bevel
Diamond Jewel Bevel
94002D 4.5”x5” $30.30
94002E 5“x5.75” $34.35
94002F 5.5”x6.25” $40.40
Beveled Paperweight
Beveled Paperweight
94029B 4”x2.5” $16.85
Peak Award
Peak Award
94057F 4.25”x7.25” $35.60
94057G 4.5“x9.25” $41.15
94057H 4.75”x11.25” $50.50
Beveled Octagon
Beveled Octagon
94020E 6”x6.75” $69.35
94020F 7”x7.75” $90.75
94020G 8”x8.75” $103.40
Jewel Bevel
Jewel Bevel
94011D 5”x5.75” $36.70
94011E 5“x6.25” $42.25
94011F 6”x6.75” $48.65
Blue Ice
94046G 5.25”x7.75” $81.50
94046H 6.75”x9” $91.75

Aurora Series Acrylics
Vibrant color and high contrast set these acrylics apart from all others. Light filters through the laser-engraved back for a truly dramatic effect. Handsomely finished with a radius edge, it commands attention wherever it’s displayed.

Aurora Acrylics
94065D 4” Blue $40.25
94065E 5” Blue $52.90
94065F 6” Blue $65.45
94066D 4” Green $40.25
94066E 5” Green $52.90
94066F 6” Green $65.45
94067D 4” Purple $40.25
94067E 5” Purple $52.90
94067F 6” Purple $65.45
94068D 4” Sienna $40.25
94068E 5” Sienna $52.90
94068F 6” Sienna $65.45
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